Clayton Karush – Executive Producer

Clayton Rees Karush (CRK) has been involved in the arts his entire life culminating in his recent appointment as head of the Center’s New Media and Motion Picture branch.

He has worked in every aspect of production and wrote/produced a short film under the Center for Celebration Arts umbrella. As a screenwriter several of his feature film scripts have qualified and done well in nation and international competitions. His focus is now production of his written work.


Up to and into college Clayton studied the craft of performance from onstage but he gravitated to the basis of all performance; production and the written word. He designed his own Interdisciplinary major, “Critical Communications” received from the California State University of Northridge in 2007. Before Northridge and studying Mass Communications at Dean College in Massachusetts, he had his own college radio show and learned hands on in a fully operational television studio. Here he began to study the art of information dissemination.

Later, at Humboldt State University, he became the Public Relations Coordinator for the Associated Student Government using the avenues and art of communication to relay information to the student body. Still working on and off throughout college at amazing production jobs in the arts, Clayton Karush was able to incorporate all facets of production into his understanding of the art world.

After college he began to write and produce new media as well as producing Celebration Arts events. Since November of ’07 Clayton has written dozens of screenplays for film which have placed in competition around the world.

He has worked on productions that range from, Production Assistant, Lighting, and Grip on commercials, music videos and films to Stage Manager for live concerts and On-Site Sound Recording Operator. He has experience in Final Cut X for editing, After Effects for Graphics and Recording Engineering/Foley for post sound. He has produced for many live events calling upon skills in; scheduling, budgeting, permitting, locations, talent and cooperation with the Guilds.

His skill set is from the ground up enabling him to communicate with every department, the needs of the production and thus make sure they are met, insuring a production of high quality and providing a guide of continuity for pieces through every step of production, from conception to finishing.